System in development – UAV Anti Jamming Anti Spoofing system – Local positioning system for unmanned aircraft that is immune to all sorts of disruptions (Jamming and Spoofing) in GPS signals. -Ground base stations acquire drones location Using a developed TDoa algorithm with Nano seconds accuracy. Then the base station transmits the location to the drones via secure and encrypted frequency. Company capabilities Fully operational fleet of highly accurate coordinated drones that originally was developed for entertainment purposes. The fleet is controlled by developed C&C software for a wide verity of drone swarm uses such as: · Drone Shows- · Taking part in Military exercises as automated / semi-automated drone swarm both as friendly and as an opposite force. · Practice shooting enemy drone swarm – First and only company in Israel that has been approved by the Israel Civil Aviation Authority to fly drone swarms for civilian modes of operation. We own an operational fleet of 50 drones and have made thousands of drone swarm accumulative flight hours. Entrepreneurs – Dan Bystritsky -Software engineering developer, owner of a software development company “200 applications” from Jerusalem with 30 employees. Infantry Officer in the IDF reserves Michael Revzin -Bachlour and Masters Degrees in Business and Economics from the Hebrew University in Jerusalem. 9 years experience in leading high scale projects.