BlueBird Aero Systems, founded in 2002, is a dominant player in the UAS industry. BlueBird specializes in design, development, and production of Micro, Mini and tactical UAS and peripheral equipment, and delivers exceptional, unprecedented field-proven solutions to meet the challenges of the Military, HLS and civilian UAS customers. Since 2005, Bluebirds’ advanced UAV systems, have performed over 52,000 operational sorties, and have been delivered and deployed to customers and defense forces around the world, among them several Israeli military and law enforcement agencies, US Marines Corp, US-SOCOM, military forces in Asia and Africa, Police and HLS forces in Europe, Africa and South-America. Bluebird UAS were also delivered to commercial organizations in Europe, South America and Australia. Line of UAV’s Years of experience, proficient engineers and mostly innovative vision has brought BlueBird to develop a line of products that aligns with the market competitive and dynamic demands. Bluebird’s platforms are small, lightweight, highly maneuverable, designed to meet rigorous requirements to provide the best actionable products with their integrated image sensors, optics, communications equipment, and software algorithms (developed by Bluebird). With a wide spectrum of UAVs, all operating from a unified, intuitive, and advanced proprietary Ground Control Station, Bluebird’s rapidly deployed UAS, cost-effectively and reliably perform variety of missions, even in severe weather and extreme terrain limitations. Recently, BlueBird’s advanced and innovative WanderB-VTOL and ThunderB-VTOL fixed wing hybrid UAVs were chosen by a European customer to be the end user’s new tactical UAS. The contract, includes delivery of more than 150 vertical take-off and landing fixed wing UAVs, is the largest ever sale of VTOL fixed wing UAS. Bluebird’s Production Capabilities Bluebird focuses on developing and manufacturing UAS that are of groundbreaking nature, innovative and unique. Bluebird invests significant resources in R&D to lead the tactical UAV industry with creative solutions, such as miniature yet powerful payloads, remote launch capabilities, extended performance UAS, mapping capabilities and more. These advanced solutions are based on years of experience in the fields of aerodynamics, design, avionics, composite materials, communications, production and UAS field operations. Bluebird’s facilities include modern infrastructure, Composite Material structuring, Mechanical and Aeronautical engineering department, Software development labs, electronic engineering department, integration department and impressive manufacturing and quality assurance facilities. Bluebird is ISO 9001:2000 certified since 2006 and is certified for ISO 9001:2015 since 2017.