Asio Technologies is a defense leader in tactical GIS, AR, targeting, orientation and situation awareness solutions, pioneering autonomous and immune optical navigation capabilities for distributed flying platforms. Asio’s NavGuard is a mission critical real-time optical navigation system. The system enables accurate autonomous GNSS free navigation for tactical platforms were size, weight and power are critical parameters. NavGuard enables seamless navigation in areas where GNSS signal is spoofed, jammed of simply unavailable. NavGuard system is based on real-time Geo Referencing of optical video stream to an on-board Geo Infrastructure (a map) to generate low latency accurate position, making it jam proof. The NavGuard solution is housed in a completely self-sustained system incorporating both computing module and cameras in a single small size, lightweight and low power system. NavGuad is the optimal solution to compliment tactical UAV’s architecture, were payload capacity and flight time are limited.