Alpha Security and Defense (ASD) is a leading manufacturer of tactical gasoline-powered helicopter UAVs and advanced UAV Engineering Services.ASD is a division of Alpha Unmanned Systems, SL (AUS). Founded in 2014, AUS is an independent privately held company based in Madrid, Spain and funded with 100% Spanish capital.Alphas helicopters, the Alpha 800 and the newly released Alpha 900, are tactical unmanned UAV helicopters built to be reliable and versatile. They provide comprehensive, real-time, situational awareness for critical decision making and are used in a broad range of missions, worldwide.Designed for use in tactical environments, these helicopter UAVs allow the detection, identification, classification and neutralization of conventional and non-conventional threats.Because of their long endurance flight time and outstanding payload capacity, the Alpha 800 and Alpha 900 offer several operational features which are critical for First Responders and security forces.Vertical take-off/landing, and long-duration hovering provide tactical advantages over fixed-wing UAVs. The Alpha 800 and Alpha 900 can collect data day and night, over sea or land. They can also operate as communications relays or deliver emergency supplies quickly and accurately.Both platforms are maritime-ready and can take-off and land on moving vessels.Alpha helicopters are flown using Alphas GCase Duo, a ground control station for both controlling the UAV and the payloads from a ruggedized man-portable waterproof case. The GCase Duo has 2 High-Res sun readable screens and a redundant battery system with up to 3 hours of operation.The Alpha 800 and Alpha 900 are also excellent testing platforms for 3rdparty UAV technologies. Alpha engineers perform technology evaluations and payload integration support for the most important global defense organizations worldwide.Please visit www.alphasecurityanddefense.comfor additional information and to learn what the Alpha 800 and Alpha 900 can do for you!