Agrowing Ltd. provides AI-Enabling multispectral disruptive technology and award-winning products, which revolutionize the aerial remote sensing and the precision agriculture market. Agrowing’s technologies enable growers and service providers to have in-the-field actionable data, taking aerial monitoring of agriculture from inaccurate remote-sensing to precise early detection and AI-identification of pests, diseases, and vegetation irregularities. Such early detection cuts and prevents damages and minimizes significantly the growers’ expenses due to indiscriminative pesticide spraying. Agrowing’s Intellectual Property is fundamental and solid. The company’s out-of-the-box award- winning lens and sensor design (US 10,574,911 AND EP 3,308,209 B1) enables the conversion of off-the-shelf top DSLR cameras into high-end multispectral sensors, in a similar way to Singer’s revolution of the electrical sewing machine through its needle design. ENABLING A SERVICE, WHICH ALLOWS GROWERS AND AGRONOMISTS TO HAVE DEFINITE ACTIONABLE DATA, WITHOUT HAVING TO GO AND CHECK IN THE FIELD, IS NOT AN ADVANTAGE, BUT A REVOLUTION. Agrowing award-winning sensors also provide the best by far NDVI maps compared to any of the state-of-the-art sensors, having better resolution, lower distortion, higher dynamic range and satellite level narrow spectral bands. COMPARING AGROWING’S SENSORS TO THE STATE-OF-THE-ART SENSORS COULD BE COMPARED TO A 100 METERS DASH, WHERE AGROWING CROSSES THE FINISH LINE WHILE THE OTHER SPRINTERS ARE STILL 50 OR 70 METERS BEHIND. SUCH AN ADVANTAGE MAY SEEM IMPRESSIVE, BUT IT TELLS JUST A SMALL PART OF THE REAL ADVANTAGE, AS WHILE THESE COMPETITORS ARE PURE 100 METERS SPRINTERS, AGROWING IS A TRIATHLON CHAMPION. Agrowing sensors’ quality advantages are field and scientifically proven. We are collaborating with academic institutions (RIT, Sao Paulo University), industry leaders, like Yuneec, Riegl, Applanix, and we have success stories like SeeTree, which is using exclusively our sensors for HLB detection in California and Brazil.